Aunt Sue’s Country Corner

One of the first things everyone asks as they come to check in at Solitude Pointe is, “Where can we go eat supper?” And our response is usually always the same, “You need to go check out Aunt Sue’s.” Located only 5 miles from Solitude Pointe, we are fortunate to have such a great restaurant so close by. Their Friday night Seafood Buffet and Bluegrass Music draws crowds from miles away and has become a favorite of our guests. And their Sunday lunch buffet is delicious!

Once again, Only in Your State has given us a wonderful link and description. Check it out and then add Aunt Sue’s Country Corner to your bucket list. And while you’re making plans, come stay with us at Solitude Pointe Cabins and RV Park for a couple of days. I guarantee you will want to eat at Aunt Sue’s at least a couple of times, plus you’ll need at least one extra trip for ice cream!

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