Eclipse at Solitude Pointe!

On Monday, August 21, 2017, parts of South Carolina will be under a total solar eclipse. And Solitude Pointe Cabins and RV Park is directly in the path! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but if you don’t make plans quickly, there will be no place for you to stay, as hotels are booking up quickly. Listen to this quote from the article below: ¬†“We estimate that South Carolina is the closest destination to 94 million Americans . . . . we further estimate that between 547,000 and 2,188,000 people will travel to the path of totality in South Carolina!” ¬†Solitude Pointe still has RV sites and cabins available, but we do have a minimum stay requirement around that date. Check out the Great American Eclipse details in the link below and call us now to make those reservations. You will be so glad you came to see the Eclipse at Solitude Pointe!

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