Must-See Mountain Views

Solitude Pointe Cabins & RV Park is just a very short drive to some of the most beautiful, must-see mountain views in the country.  Caesar’s Head State Park is located 5 miles from Solitude Pointe.  On the way up the mountain, you can make a quick stop at Bald Rock and add that overlook to your list of must-see mountain views as well.  When you arrive at the top of the mountain and turn into Caesar’s Head State Park, be sure to drive to the top of the parking area for the breath-taking overlook.  Believe it or not, we’ve had some folks go into the visitor’s center there, shop around and leave – not realizing the overlook is at the top of the parking lot!  You just don’t want to miss that view!  When you are finished taking pictures, turn around and go through the rocks behind you, and wind your way through “Devil’s Kitchen” to see another view of Caesar’s Head from the side.  And then when you’re finished at Caesar’s Head, continue your drive north on 276 to the YMCA Camp Greenville.  There you’ll find the Symmes Chapel, more popularly known as Pretty Place.  You’ll quickly see why so many brides want to make this their wedding venue!  For that reason, make sure you check the website out before you go for available, wedding-free times to see the chapel.

Once again, the TR Tribune has done a great job giving us more details about these two awesome, must-see mountain views.  Click on the link below and then make plans to stay at Solitude Pointe Cabins & RV Park.  You’ll be glad you decided to spend a few days in the area.  There is so much to see…. and at some Pointe, everyone needs Solitude!

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