S’more Ideas

Fall is finally upon us. And what could be more perfect on a chilly evening than a blazing campfire? And what could be more perfect around a blazing campfire than a delicious s’more?!  Your mind has just given you a mouth-watering image of two graham crackers, a generous chunk of chocolate and a perfectly browned marshmallow.  And there is nothing wrong with that image.  However, if you are willing to get a little creative this fall, I have listed below some intriguing new S’more Ideas.  Thanks to an awesome article by Marlene Smith in the July 2017 issue of Costco Connection, we now know that the sky is the limit when making a s’more.  We could add some peanut butter . . . or chocolate hazelnut spread . . . or maybe we could toast something besides a plain marshmallow?  Perhaps we should use coconut or chocolate marshmallows?  And why not try a graham cracker that is already chocolate covered?  Or perhaps you would like chocolate chip cookies or vanilla wafers or pretzels or even thin mints around your perfectly toasted marshmallow?  Hmmm . . . the sky is the limit to our S’more Ideas!

So, pack your things, give us a call and join us at Solitude Pointe Cabins and RV Park for a mouth-watering weekend around the campfire.  We are open all year.  And we have found that some of the best campfires happen during the cooler winter weather.  At some point, no matter the time of year, everyone needs some Solitude . . . and a S’more!


S'mores Ideas

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