Thankful – Pinnacle Mountain Fire

This year we are thankful for many things, but topping the list is the joint effort made by our local and not-so-local firefighters in controlling and containing the Pinnacle Mountain Wildfire. Many people have called to ask us for updates. We thank you for your concerns for us and for our safety. And we thank you for joining us in praying for those fighting the fire and in praying for rain.  As of this writing, the day before Thanksgiving 2016, the fire has grown to over 7,000 acres.  We are okay, and as of now, it appears that the fire will not affect us, besides occasional smoke blowing through our Solitude.

Once again,  has come through with a great article, filled with powerful pictures.  For those of you who have not been keeping up the events in our area, we wanted to share this article, as a reminder to join us in praying for the firefighters and those living closer to the possibility of evacuation.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  We are thankful to you for making this a great year at Solitude Pointe.


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